The working group Digital Initiatives  and the working group for the Preservation of Recent Heritage of Science both organize a session on Friday 10 June, between 15:00 – 17:30 h.

You need to register for the workshops (through  the registration form). The workshops are parallel so you can only participate in one of them.

Working group Digital Initiatives

Universeum’s working group on databases and portals for university collections had its first meeting at the Universeum Meeting 2015, in Athens.This inaugural workshop allowed to create the basis of a network for sharing knowledge and experience on these topics. It also revealed the significance of digital issues at any level when it comes to academic heritage.

That is why the name of the group has been changed and its scope enlarged. Called from now on « Digital Initiatives », it aims at providing digital services to Universeum and the broader community of university museums, collections and heritage in Europe.

The meeting in Amsterdam will be a participatory workshop, in which the WG mainly aims to gather input from participants, in order to develop a program for the upcoming years. The workshop will focus on these topics:

  • Introduce and discuss the working group’s overall objective
  • Discuss and evaluate the needs in terms of training and consulting and try to identify the actions that could be launched by the WG in that matter. During the session we would like to determine how to compile and provide access to existing digital resources – tools, standards, workflows, best practices and literature – of interest to academic heritage.
  • Reflect upon simple digital tools to increase online visibility, sustainable management, access and use of university collections. In this session we will share experiences and examine concrete examples of academic heritage online. Furthermore the aim is to identify the needs for these tools and steps that are necessary to get university collections, museums and academic heritage online and see how we as a working group can help to facilitate this.

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Working group for the Preservation of Recent Heritage of Science

Universeum’s Working Group for the Preservation of Recent Heritage of Science is concerned with the study, conservation and interpretation of the heritage of science, technology and medicine produced after WWII. At our fifth workshop in Utrecht we will again split up in groups to discuss two central themes in recent heritage of science:

  • Collections in the life sciences after 1945. Biology and medicine have undergone substantial transformations in the last decades, manifested in the emergence and growth of fields such as genetics, bioinformatics and ecology. So far the Working Group has mainly looked at instrumentation and apparatus. Which are the important issues about collections? Do new types of collection (biobanks, sound archives, etc), require different approaches, non-conventional organisation, new conservation media?
  • Big science, large installations and buildings. How can we preserve and document large objects, large installations and buildings that will be demolished, modernised or re-used for different purposes? We will discuss documentation, preserving key objects, and in situ preservation. For this we will, among other things, look at practices of industrial archaeology.

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